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katieshapiro:another view of the Cascades


another view of the Cascades

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Bitch please

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Best Fuy Gif Pictures

An infant rabbit was orphaned. Fortunately though, a family ofsquirrels took it in and raised it as one of their own.This adoption led to some peculiar behaviors on the part of therabbit. It had a tendency to scurry up trees like its step-siblings instead of hopping along the ground. And it ate acorns and nuts instead of carrots. By the time it was half grown, the rabbit realizedthat it was different, so it went to its step-parents to discussthe problem.He said he was unsure of his place in the universeand was generally forlorn.His step-parents advised, “Don’t scurry. Be hoppy.”
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So I get out of the shower and my fire alarms just start going off randomly. I mean, I know Im hot, but isnt that an overreaction? ;)

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epiclolpics:looooooool this was fuy see more at http://epiclolpics.com


looooooool this was fuy see more at http://epiclolpics.com

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Our entire life - consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are.
Jean Anouilh (via dailykwotes)
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